How is Play Spray® Different?

Play Spray® contains absolutely no alcohol or bleach. It is therefore safe to use on leather, latex, rubber, and silicone, unlike its competitors.

As such, Play Spray® is an excellent disinfectant which may be used, for example, on floggers, single tails, sounds, and leather gear, as well as to disinfect quickly and easily, within minutes, surfaces such as slings, crosses, benches, bondage tables, wrestling mats and any other surfaces which may come into contact with skin or bodily fluids.

This is especially critical in spaces such as playrooms and dungeons where several people may be using the space at the same time, as well as in public spaces where equipment will likely come into contact with multiple people over the course of a few hours.

The active ingredients in Play Spray® consist of four different forms of ammonium chloride which forms a sterile environment where essentially nothing can live. In its pure form, this solution would be unsafe to use due to its toxicity; however, in its diluted form Play Spray®  may be safely and effectively used to clean surfaces, as well as equipment more quickly and less expensively than boiling or autoclaving.

The active ingredients in Play Spray® have been found to be effective against HIV, HBV and HCV (i.e., hepatitis B and C) by leaving surfaces wet for 10 minutes.

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