Practical Uses For Play Spray®

Because the application time for effective sterilization is brief–just 5 to 10 minutes–the application of Play Spray® to floggers, single tails, paddles, restraints and other equipment which may come into contact with skin allows this equipment to be safely reused over a short space of time with several different people.

CAUTION! Because Play Spray® is a chemical, its interaction with skin will vary from individual to individual. It is strongly recommended that each person test his or her reaction to Play Spray® by spraying a small patch of skin on the inside of the forearm and let it stand for a few minutes to see if there is any irritation. Due to the sensitive nature of the urethra, if you are using Play Spray® to sanitize sounds, you should thoroughly rinse and dry the sounds before insertion and they should only be inserted a couple of centimeters at first and removed to test sensitivity

Disinfecting Insertables Using Play Spray®
Play Spray® may be effectively used to sterilize objects which are inserted into the body such as sounds, e-stim components, and dildos–anything which does not have an electrical or computer component which may malfunction if immersed. CAUTION: Objects need to be washed thoroughly with soap and water before insertion.

Because Play Spray® is an economical product–the 2 ounce Play Spray® refill bottle retails at just $15 and makes 2 gallons of solution–it is practical to use in quantities sufficient to clean immersible objects. By way of example, after using a mild detergent and water to clean excess contaminants from objects, a small tub with depth sufficient to immerse several dildos, would require perhaps a half gallon of solution and an immersion time of only 10 minutes to sterilize. All objects should be rinsed thoroughly with water before reuse. Discard the Play Spray® in the tub at the end of the evening.

Disinfecting Equipment Using Play Spray®

To clean handcuffs, shackles, restraints, floggers, paddles, and single tails, first remove any excess fluids using a mild detergent and water. Dip a cloth into the water and detergent mixture and wipe down the equipment, or you can spray it with a  degreaser and wipe it down. (Obviously, you don’t want to hold a flogger or your handcuffs under a faucet.) Hold the Play Spray® spray bottle about 6″ away and thoroughly wet the implement. Use a paper towel to work Play Spray® into the implement and then let it dry for up to 10 minutes before reusing the implement.

To clean play surfaces such as leather slings, benches, bondage beds, crosses, cages, etc., first remove any excess fluids if they are present, as described above, then hold the Play Spray® applicator about 6″ away and thoroughly wet the equipment. Use a paper towel to work in the Play Spray® then let it air dry for up to 10 minutes. It is important to get into the habit of spraying down equipment both before and after using, especially if several people are using the equipment at the same time.

Also remember that Play Spray® may not work as quickly or effectively on porous surfaces like canvas slings and the contact time will need to be as long as possible. If you are throwing a play party, spraying the sling(s) down before and after use will greatly increase efficacy.

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