Directions for Diluting Play Spray®

IMG_2462Play Spray® comes with a 2oz bottle of undiluted solution, your choice of either an 8oz or 24oz application sprayer, and a 5cc dispensing syringe. (1cc is the same as 1ml. 30cc = 1 oz.)

The following table provides the appropriate ratios of Play Spray™ to water, using the dispensing syringe, in order to achieve the required solution for maximum performance of the Play Spray®.

Amount of Play Spray® to Amount of Water to Achieve a Safe Solution for Use

30 cc*   one gallon (128 fluid ounces)
7.5 cc    one quart (32 fluid ounces)
4.0 cc    one pint (16 fluid ounces)
5.0 cc    to refill the 24 oz spray bottle
2.0 cc    to refill the 8 oz spray bottle

* 30 cc = 1.0 ounces.

PLEASE NOTE: In case you lose the dispensing syringe and are not able to get one from your pharmacy, the cap to the small bottle holds 6cc (one full syringe).  Five full caps will make one gallon of diluted solution. Half a cap will refill the 8oz sprayer.

When diluting Play Spray®, fill container two-thirds full of water, add Play Spray® using the 5 cc syringe which is included, then continue slowly filling the container with water. The solution will cause a foaming action if water pressure is too high, which can cause the foam to overflow. There is little risk of harm to plumbing, the environment or of personal injury after coming into contact with the diluted solution.

The 2 ounce bottle of Play Spray® will refill the 24 ounce trigger spray bottle 12 times. It will refill the 8 ounce spray bottle 30 times!

When using the syringe to dispense Play Spray® into other containers, avoid contacting the syringe with non-sterile surfaces. Store in a clean zip lock bag between uses.

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