Is Skin Contact Safe With Play Spray®?

Because Play Spray® is a chemical, its interaction with skin will vary from individual to individual. It is strongly recommended that each person test his or her reaction to Play Spray® by spraying a small patch of skin on the inside of the forearm and let it stand for a few minutes to see if there is any irritation. Due to the sensitive nature of the urethra, if you are using Play Spray® to sanitize sounds, you should thoroughly rinse and dry the sounds before insertion and they should only be inserted a couple of centimeters at first and removed to test sensitivity.

At full strength, Play Spray® will cause skin irritation almost immediately. You should never mix Play Spray® unless you are wearing gloves. If you are concerned about splashing, protective eye wear is recommended. Even at diluted strength, you should avoid getting Play Spray® in your eyes.

Under no circumstances should Play Spray® be used internally! Never drink it or use it internally.

At diluted strength there is some risk that Play Spray® can cause skin irritation, so it should be used with caution; however, this is not something that we have experienced in practical application working with Play Spray®.

Play Spray® contains absolutely no alcohol or bleach. It is therefore safe to use on leather, latex, rubber, and silicone, unlike its competitors.

Play Spray® has been used to wipe down arms once they have been washed after fisting. It has also been used as a disinfectant on a back to clean the skin before flogging or single tailing without irritation.

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