Buy Play Spray®


Play Spray® is not currently available in retail outlets, but you can purchase yours here. Your credit or debit card will be safely and securely processed and your charge will appear on your statement as “Handball Academy.” Play Spray® will be discretely shipped to the address you designate.

When making your purchase, you will have the option of purchasing the Play Spray® starter kit for $20.00. The starter kit consists of one 2oz bottle of undiluted Play Spray®. an 8 ounce spray applicator with the Play Spray® label, and a sterile 5cc dispensing syringe (no needle) and an empty 2oz “Take-Along” size spray bottle. (The 24oz spray applicator has been discontinued, but may be special ordered. Contact Us for pricing.) You will also have the option of purchasing refills, which consists of the 2 ounce bottle of undiluted solution only for just $15.00.

Which option is best for you?

IMG_2833If you are purchasing Play Spray® for the first time, we really recommend getting the starter kit. The labels on both the 2 ounce and spray bottles combined contain mixing instructions and first aid, and are handy to have around. After getting started, you can simply order refills. If your original spray applicator gets worn out or the label becomes unreadable, just order another starter kit. Replacement dispensing syringes can be easily obtained from your pharmacy.

If you are ready to get started, clicking on the image at right will take you to our store. Remember, proceeds from the sale of Play Spray® go to the Handball Academy to support its educational programs.

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